Why Food Stores use Cookaborough

Your regular weekly online offering direct to customers builds an additional predictable, sustainable revenue stream for your business.

Food store illustration

Extra revenue

Make current operations more  efficient, while maximising existing assets by adding a weekly ready-made meals menu.

Broader reach

In addition to your local in-store customers, your weekly online offering can be accessed by customers further afield.


Fulfilling pre-orders once a week, every week, directly to signed-up customers means no waste, just revenue.

Full potential

Harness the full benefits of what you’ve already built and easily put your investment to work to its full potential.


Realise your full potential

As a food store your business is already set up to reap the growth benefits of this untapped ability to connect in a new and enhanced way with customers near and far.

Powering a waste-free, efficient and predictable revenue stream, the good will you have built with customers can be used to its full potential via the platform with systems, staff and community you already have in place.

Ebden and Olive founders at the front of their store
Onwer of Eastwoods with prepared jam donuts

Case Study: Local Food Store

Beyond the shopfront at Eastwood’s of Bermagui

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