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Menu Builder

A simple tool that allows you create, schedule and manage your menus with ease.

Our easy menu builder helps you find your weekly rhythm. Create menus your customers will love using past performance data. Schedule a consistent weekly menu in advance, click and drop items onto your menu. Manage customer communications and even send different menus to different customer groups.

Illustration of menu builder function on Cookaborough platform
Illustration of customer management tool on Cookaborough platform

Customer Management

View, manage and maintain your customer database with insights to grow your business.

Maintain a secure, organized database of all your customers, including detailed profiles, order history, and contact details. The ability to set customer notifications helps manage communications, while still allowing a personal connection.

Delivery Planner

Delivery made easy with routing tools for self-managed and outsourced deliveries.

Simplify delivery using our routing tool integration, automatically map deliveries based on the number of drivers and the most efficient routes taking into account time of day and traffic. This feature includes the ability to automatically message customers prior to delivery with a customized message. This is an integration with Routific, a leading delivery routing tool.

Illustration of analytics feature on Cookaborough platform

Business Insights

User friendly data and insight reports to help you maximise your business.

Work out where your business is performing best - and where it could do with a boost. Gain full visibility on menu performance, customers, order information; easily determine menu best sellers, which email campaigns were successful, or popular days of the week for ordering. The comprehensive dashboard highlights the data you need, arming you with the knowledge to grow.

key features

Order Reminders
Schedule reminders so customers never miss a meal, and you never miss an order.
Inventory Management
Set limits on the number of meals available on a menu with automated monitoring.
Food Labels
Automatically generated food labels, including your kitchen’s logo.
Ingredient Database
Create your personalized ingredient database from our database of 2000+ ingredients.
Secure storage of your recipe with an easy-to-find catalogue
Recipe Cards
Automatically generated recipe cards to perfectly recreate your dish every time.
Nutrition Calculator
Nutritional information panels generated for every recipe.
Meal Packs
Create menus for customers who prefer a week’s meals at once.
Groups & Segments
Connect with the right customers at the right time.
NDIS and HCP help icon
NDIS & HCP Participation
Make it easy for participants in the NDIS and HCP schemes to place orders from your menu.
Stripe pay feature icon
Online Payments
All payments managed via Stripe, your way.
Delivery Zones
Create delivery zones by postcode with delivery fees set for each zone
Digital Marketing Tools
A suite of marketing tools to help you connect with and grow your customer database
Customized Collateral
Access a suite of collateral materials to promote and grow your business
Business Insights
User friendly data and insight reports to help you maximize your business
Shopping list report
Order Summary Reports allow you to plan effectively for the week ahead.
Order Summaries
Auto-generated shopping list when a menu closes. A lifesaver.
Order Slips
Pick & Pack Slips for each order so fulfilment is hiccup-free.
Financial Reports
Dissect your businesses financial performance in real-time.
Get discovered by new customers that appreciate locally made food.

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