Cookaborough FAQs

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What is Cookaborough?
Who is Cookaborough designed for? 
What is the ‘batched’ ordering model? 
Are there any set-up fees or lock-in periods?
What does it cost to use Cookaborough?
How do I pay commission on orders to Cookaborough?
Are my recipes, ingredients, and customer details safe?
In which regions can I use Cookaborough? 
What is a home-based meal business?
Do I need a registered kitchen or food handling certification to use Cookaborough?

How Cookaborough Works

How does Cookaborough work?
How do I create a Cookaborough account?
How quickly can I start using Cookaborough?
Does Cookaborough help me find new customers?
I already have an e-commence website. Can Cookaborough still work for me?
I want to mitigate from my existing e-commence platform to Cookaborough?

Customer Support

What support can I expect from Cookaborough?
How do I contact Cookaborough? 

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