Why Chefs and Artisans use Cookaborough

Turn your passion into a business and build something flexible, sustainable and predictable without high fees or overheads.

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No waste

The small (clever) batch method has you fulfilling pre-orders once a week, every week, direct to signed-up customers.

No overheads

Low infrastructure costs, no insurance (we cover it), efficient use of staffing, kitchen time and deliveries.

Creative outlet

Enjoy the freedom to curate your menu offering every week, and share the ‘why’ directly with your customers.

Market appetite

Customers increasingly love to order locally made artisan food direct from those that make it.


Put your passion to work

You are creative people, often looking for new ways to share your talent and passion. Nothing can replace the buzz of restaurant service, or owning a bricks and mortar store for your goods, but traditional models are delicate and increasingly disrupted.

Meanwhile, households are searching for convenient, quality meals made from local food professionals that break up the monotony of their busy week, bring them closer to people making quality produce and solve their dinner dilemma. Your talent and creativity can be put to good use servicing this demand.

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